Offset Charter Management

Earn income from your vessel when you are not using it and subsidise the cost of ownership.

Motor and Sailing Vessels are major acquisitions that need constant care and attention in outdoor environments that can at times be quite harsh. By placing your yacht under the Viking Mariners Offset Charter Management Agreement you still get exclusive use when you want it but when you don’t we’ll use her for Skippered Leisure Charter and where suitable, and only with your agreement, for our Sea School activities. 

We provide a really personal service when it comes to charter management because we understand that the vessels we use need to be exclusive and first class, so, invariably they are treasured possessions representing years of hard work and ultimate success in your given occupation.  So this means we will work with you in partnership to look after your vessel, agree schedules of availability and keep you informed with what we are doing.  

We will pay you fixed charter fees based on the market rate we agree and in all charters we will allow for fuel and post event cleaning to ensure your property is immaculately maintained and looked after.