Yacht Services

Our Viking yacht services provide innovative and cost effective solutions that ease the cost of vessel ownership without jeopardising reliability and safety on the water.

Over the years we have owned and managed many boats on our 5 east coast rivers and this cumulative experience has been consolidated over the last 10 years here on the River Orwell.

We have had a number of vessels under our management during the time Viking Mariners has been trading from Ipswich through our ‘offset charter management scheme’ and we have provided a first class, professional and cost effective service to owners who have benefitted from both income through skippered charter and keeping their vessels in tip top condition.

In addition to maintenance and management, we have developed a broader set of yacht services by collaborating with a number of local suppliers, tradesmen and professionals who’s products and services we have personally tested and can now offer directly to clients at highly competitive prices.

Have a browse at what we can offer below…

Earn income from your vessel when you are not using it and subsidise the cost of ownership.

By placing your yacht under the Viking Mariners Offset Charter Management Agreement you still get exclusive use when you want it but when you don't we'll use her for Skippered Leisure Charter and where suitable, and only with your agreement, for our Sea School activities. 

Vessel management

A range of services including general maintenance, repairs, cleaning, general engineering, annual servicing into the more specialised areas fulfilled by our proven associates.

An environmentally friendly, versatile, high tech, affordable alternative to frequent polishing and dirty, smelly anti-foul.

NTP Maritime is a joint venture between Viking Mariners Ltd and Nanotech Pristine Ltd. We can now offer on a UK wide exclusive basis, a clear hard wearing coating to your boat which protects the gel-coat finish and  ensures dirt and stains just wash away, and rust and aluminium marks are a thing of the past.