Borrow A Boat

We are excited to announce that we will be working alongside Borrow A Boat (BAB) on the east coast. Borrow A Boat is the definitive marketplace for boat charter worldwide featuring peer-to-peer listings. Setup in 2016 by boat enthusiasts, it is currently listing over 4000 boats in around 32 countries.

Borrow A Boat’s mission is to open up boating and make it more accessible and easier to access for all by bringing more choice of boat and variety of locations to the charter market, as well as better value charters and ease of booking. We simultaneously want to help boat owners reduce the cost of boat ownership, and are providing easy access to BAB’s scheme for owners by offering you a range of cost effective charter management packages.

Save up to 10% on charter fees and RYA courses

Former Viking Mariners Sea School RYA students are eligible for discounted Borrow A Boat charter fees and Borrow A Boat clients can save on our RYA courses.  Contact us for further information.