Catamaran Training

Catamaran sailing is becoming increasing popular due to the rising opportunity to charter these vessels abroad.  Alchemy, our BroadBlue 38 Catamaran, is the perfect platform to gain experience to prepare for holidays abroad or gain RYA qualifications.

Our catamaran, Alchemy is a very roomy and comfortable boat with high load-carrying capacity – this BroadBlue 38 was designed and built for serious cruising. She is equipped with a rolling reefing genoa sail, slab reefed mail sail and powered  by 2 x 35hp Volvo Penta inboard diesel engines.

For those chartering abroad, you will need at least RYA day skipper and an International certificate of competence (ICC) or in some cases RYA coastal skipper.

Once you have completed your training we can offer a seamless transition to our partners at borrowaboat with a 10% discount on charter rates.

One day catamaran familiarisation day

This one day session is designed to cover the following areas:

  • Charter Vessel Equipment Checks and what to look for specifically on a CAT
  • Safety Briefing Content
  • Boat Handling
  • Berthing
  • Locking
  • Anchoring
  • Mooring
  • Sail Setting
  • Man Overboard & Recovery
  • Navigation and Col Reg refresh

Please note the itinerary of the day will be very flexible to ensure we meet the needs of those onboard, with greater emphasis in some areas than others. 

1 day course dates

Sunday 10 March 2019 (full)
Sunday 31 March 2019
Sunday 14 April 2019 (full)
Sunday 28 April 2019
Sunday 19 May 2019
Sunday 23 June 2019
Sunday 14 July 2019
Sunday 22 September 2019

8 hour day - £175/pp

If you don't see the dates you are looking for, please contact us as we will try to be flexible to accommodate you.


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Catamaran RYA Courses

Viking Mariners also offer RYA training on Catamaran Alchemy. The course can be taken over 5 continuous days or over  2 and 3 day weekends and fully reflects the RYA Syllabus for Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper.  To find out more about these specific courses, download the RYA Sail Cruising leaflet (PDF).

The required qualification criteria mirrors that for monohulls; there are of course different handling and stability characteristics for both type of craft and to reflect this we do offer additional sailing opportunities on our monohull vessels.  If this is of interest, please do mention when you enquire.

Course fees
£575 for 5 days or £595 over 2 weekends

RYA course dates

17-18  November plus 24-26 November 2018

If you don't see the dates you are looking for, please contact us as we will try to be flexible to accommodate you.

Motor Boat Conversion Courses & International Certificate of Competence –ICC

The ICC provides evidence of competence when required by certain border or customs officials in foreign countries. ICC’s are issued by the RYA upon production of the completed course documentation from the instructor/examiner and school principle.

For those Day or Coastal Skippers moving from motor to sailing CATs for holidays abroad we also offer a 1 day conversion course which will cover the ICC syllabus and will also include the ICC Sail practical assessment.

Normally these  one day courses will require the student to carry out some preparation by way of home study prior to the day on the water for which we will provide guidance notes.

Course fees
Assessment Only (4 hours): £225*
Tuition & Assessment (1 day): £375*

*prices based on 3 students