Young People

Leadership, Coaching & Team Building for Young People

Thinking about our Silver or Gold Leadership and Team Building Programme?

Much of what we do for adults in the workplace is applicable to the development of young adults. In recent years we have worked with the Suffolk Enterprise Hub, and local 6th Form and Further Education Colleges to raise awareness or add to existing theoretical knowledge about team dynamics and leadership in the workplace.

We can offer suitable classroom, workshop and outdoor leadership and team building activities for young adults. This can include time aboard our vessels and in some cases, for example with ‘Suffolk Young Carers’, we put something back by subsidising events and using volunteers to provide an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that can lead to other adventure or training opportunities.


“The Viking Mariners sailing programme was a fantastic, fun, exercise. Trusting the young people with an ocean going yacht meant they stepped up and took responsibility for their actions. They participated in and then lead simulated life saving exercises all of which required quick learning, teamwork, good communication skills and leadership in a pressured environment. Skills that become vital when joining the working world.”

Chris Shutt, Head of Business Incubation & Innovation at Eastern Enterprise Hub, Ipswich


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