Team Management (TMSDI)

TMS Development International (TMSDI)

Viking Mariners are accredited providers of Margerison McCann Team Management System. (TMSDI). Over a number of years we have built up significant experience in both individual and team profiling to help identify the strength and weaknesses of teams in the various workplace environments.


So whether you just want assistance in the workplace for leadership, management or team development or you want to stretch an existing team further we have the approach for you. We bring clarity and structure to what at times can be challenging developmental individual or team performance issues.

What Makes a Team Successful?

Through extensive research and practical experience of working with teams Dr Charles Margerison and Dick McCann identified that some teams were highly successful whilst others with similar skills, ability and experience failed. This has resulted in ‘Margerison – McCann Team Management Systems’ (TMSDI).

Under this umbrella they developed two models to describe teamwork; the ‘types of work’ model defines the nature of work in a team whilst the ‘team management wheel describes the teams work preferences and roles they play.
How do we do it?

Each team member completes an on line assessment that takes about 30 minutes. This produces a personal profile, a composite team profile and summary of key attributes for the team as an entity.

Viking Mariners work with both individuals and the team in one to one and workshop sessions analysing the results and where appropriate developing personal or team actions plans.

Part of the development process can also involve time away from the workplace to work on strategic planning and business objectives and time aboard one of our cruising vessels or with a group of sailing/motor vessels including, dingy, ribs and ski boats.

We offer time on-board as a sail boat provides many practical examples where team work produces a better outcome and it provides a relaxed environment to exercise a host of skills including; briefing techniques, precise communication, listening skills, leadership and constructive feedback.

What are the benefits of using TMSDI with Viking Mariners?

  • Taking the guesswork out of teamwork
  • Internationally recognised and researched system reviewed by the British Psychological Society
  • Unique perspective on performance
  • Real world focus with opportunity to stretch and develop
  • Constructive language and focus on core strengths

Case Study: The North Sea Challenge with a Felixstowe based freight forwarding company