Leadership & Team Building

Just wearing the same shirt doesn’t make a team’ A team needs to pull in the same direction and for this to happen, each individual, from the newest to the longest serving, needs to understand their role and its contribution to the team and wider organisational objectives. 

Team building can be tedious.  At its worst badly thought-out team building exercises actually pit your staff against each other in a bid to appear superior to the team.  Some traditional outdoor team building exercises rely on a certain amount of physical fitness.  You want your team to work together as equals.  It’s not going to help the cohesion of your group if your staff training day is based on ‘survival of the fittest’.

We don’t care who has spent the most time in the gym, or who is the most competitive person in the group.  Our team building activities nurture genuine team building, rather than encouraging competitiveness within the team.  Call us today on 01394 421209 to find out how spending time crewing a yacht will bring your team together.

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