Give the gift of sailing for Christmas 2019

If you haven’t already started your Christmas shopping, you’re probably thinking about it – in particular, you’re thinking about what to get the loved one who ‘has it all’. They’re notoriously hard to buy for, but when you blow them away on Christmas Day with something truly memorable, the hard work of finding that perfect gift will have paid off.

This Christmas, we want to make present-buying as easy as possible for you! We have the ideal gift idea to take the struggle out of Christmas gifting, leaving you plenty of time to tick other all-important tasks off your to-do list.

Why sailing makes a great Christmas gift

We all know someone who reminisces about an old passion. We’ve heard the joy in their words as they talk about old times, and maybe even felt the nostalgia while looking through old photo albums. For many people, that passion is sailing, and though years might have passed since they last set foot on a sailboat, the yearning to sail has never faded.

Perhaps your giftee has been too busy to be able to devote time to sailing; perhaps they aren’t the type to ‘treat’ themselves to a day on the water when there are other tasks at hand. This Christmas, give them a gift they truly deserve and show them how much they are loved!

Sailing also makes a fantastic gift for those who have little or no experience with sailing, but who have always wanted to learn. For some, it requires a little encouragement to take the plunge and book their first sailing experience; so by gifting an experience, you’re taking away that initial hesitancy and offering your support for their passions.

Alternatively, leisure sailing makes for a fun and active day out for couples, friends or family. If you’re looking for a gift that you can both use, a day-sail will create memories and strengthen bonds while developing your sailing skills and getting plenty of fresh air on Suffolk’s stunning riverways.

A couple sailing with Viking Mariners

How to purchase sailing as a Christmas gift

We offer gift vouchers for sailing experiences, which we are certain your loved one will be thrilled to receive! Choose from our Taster Sail, Half or Full Day Sails, or our range of courses for all abilities.

Our Taster Sail consists of a hands-on, six-hour sail, designed for those who are looking to start sailing as a hobby. Your giftee will learn the skills they need to get started, while enjoying an unforgettable, thrilling experience on the water.

Our Half and Full Day Sails are four and eight hours in length, respectively. These experiences allow you to cruise the Rivers Orwell or Stour, even off the local coast, in a luxury yacht. Your day will be fully catered, so you can sit back and enjoy a bite to eat and some tea and coffee (or Prosecco, if desired!), or you can get stuck-in to sailing – the level of involvement is up to you.

For the more serious sailors, we offer two and five-day sailing courses in partnership with the Royal Yachting Association. The RYA Start Yachting course takes place over a two-day weekend, providing an introduction to sailing for complete beginners. For those with more experience, our five-day vouchers entitle you to a choice of the RYA Competent Crew, Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper courses.

More information on our gift voucher options can be found here.

Christmas is easy with Viking Mariners

Whether you’re purchasing the gift of sailing for your other half, for your parents, or for a son or daughter, we’re sure they’ll be delighted with this exciting and unexpected surprise. Our gift vouchers even make a great compromise if you’re looking to club together as a family or group of friends to buy a loved one a very special present. 

We hope that you choose us for your Christmas gifting experience, and we look forward to welcoming your giftee on board!


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