Covid 19 update – Resumption of Operations

As the lockdown is carefully eased, we are looking ahead to resuming training and leisure days using our Catamaran Alchemy & Viking Blue which allow for the required social distancing and will we believe meet the necessary risk assessment in terms of hygiene and passenger safety.

Work is now underway to complete annual maintenance and re-coding of the vessel for commercial use which, subject to all the caveats that exist currently should allow a resumption of day sailing for family groups of up to 6 persons from July and 8 when permitted.

We have a revised set of operating procedures which have been created to meet the ‘covid secure’ requirements set by government along with an extended RYA medical declaration which all passengers and students will be required to complete 3 days before sailing.

Use of the NHS Covid 19 contact tracing app will also be a pre-requisite as soon as it becomes available for use.
Our client’s safety and peace of mind remains our primary concern as we all learn to live, work and play in this new environment. There is no manual so we are having to work up new procedures from scratch.

Should any passenger or trainee have any doubts about coming aboard or indeed constructive suggestions that will enhance safety beyond those we publish please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

Stay safe and do enjoy this season and summer weather as safely as you can.  And in the meantime if you fancy a laugh, we thought we’d share this topical sketch from Michael McIntyre that made us laugh here at Viking Mariners HQ

Lee M Weavers
RYA Principal & Operations Director

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