Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Christmas Gift ideas that are out of the blue

Or to be more precise, our Christmas Gift Ideas are ‘on the blue’.  Yes, it’s that special time of year again when we all start trying to think of unique, special and thoughtful gift ideas for our loved ones.  We all want to give gifts that neatly convey exactly how we feel about the person receiving the gift.  That’s the plan anyway.  As the big day grows nearer and we still haven’t thought of what to get our nearest and dearest the ideas we conjure up can go one of two ways.  With just a handful of days left before Christmas gift ideas can be as extravagant as a foreign holiday, or as mundane as another pair of socks.  But there’s a better way…

Here at Viking Mariners we would like to take the stress out of your Christmas shopping.  Whether you’re reading this page with weeks to spare, or even if you’re reading this one minute till midnight on Christmas Eve we’ve got you covered.  We can give you the gift of a unique experience.  Gifts that aren’t based on material ‘stuff’ are gaining popularity every year.  For an increasing number of people the days of exchanging trinkets (that gather dust) are past.  Even the high street chains are now offering gift packages based on experiences.

But what experience makes the best Christmas gift idea?

Once you have decided to look into buying an experience as a gift idea your next challenge is deciding which experience is most suitable.  If you want to be extreme then you could buy someone a skydiving experience.  But that isn’t going to suit the grandparents (probably).  Perhaps you could buy a gourmet experience as a gift.  But again, these experiences aren’t exactly ‘one size fits all’.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea that is an experience that the whole family can enjoy then sailing could be the answer you’re looking for.  We use large yachts for all our sailing experiences.  This means that a sailing experience with Viking Mariners is unique – everyone can enjoy the same experience regardless of age or physical ability.  Because our yachts are spacious and luxurious the whole family can experience the joy of sailing together.  Some of our favourite bookings over the years have included both very young children and guests who were over 80 years old!

Sailing experience facts:

  • You won’t get wet*
  • Our yachts are cosy, even in the depths of winter
  • You can get involved in pulling ropes and turning wheels if you fancy it…
  • or you can sit back and relax while our experienced crew does all the work

Viking Mariners sailing experiences are neatly tailored to our guests.  If you want to gently cruise up the river, basking in the glorious scenery while being handed cakes and bubbles that’s no problem at all.  If you fancy a bit of adventure and would like to experience the manoeuvres an ocean going racing yacht can make. Hey, that’s also not a problem. Why don’t you watch our video to get a taste of what a sailing experience with Viking Mariners is like >

Above all our hosts and crews are all incredibly experienced.  Not just at sailing, but also at making every sailing experience unique and magical.  Everyone at Viking Mariners is friendly.  If you look at any of the photos on our website you’ll see a sea of smiles.  This is why sailing is increasing in popularity so swiftly.  There’s something about the experience of being on the water that brings out so many things, from child-like wonder to the spirit of adventure.

Gift packages are available for individuals or whole families.  Find out more about our exclusive charter sail family gift voucher or give Sue and Lee a call on 01394 421209 (or use our contact page) to find out more about giving the gift of sailing this Christmas.

* We don’t encourage people to take a swim unintentionally and we have excellent wet weather gear if it rains!

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