The benefit of catamaran training before a charter holiday

Catamaran sailing in GreeceCatamaran training has become incredibly popular over the last few years.  The snobbish view some sailors had of catamarans being ‘floating caravans’ has thankfully died out.  Modern catamarans are sleek, fast, well-appointed, stylish and above all they are spacious.

It’s primarily the generous space both above and below deck that is making catamarans increasingly popular, not just for cruising and entertaining, but also for longer sails.

Entertaining on a catamaran offers a much more stable platform than a monohull yacht.  While you may be hardened to, and indeed in love with, the gentle lolling to and fro of a monohull yacht your inexperienced guests may not appreciate it.

If you’re planning a trip that is more than a couple of days long then the extra space a Catamaran has to offer will be most appreciated.  If you are chartering a Catamaran then being able to have more people aboard can also greatly spread the cost of the charter.

While we’re on the topic of chartering, it might surprise you to know that a lot of people who book onto our Catamaran training program are experienced sailors.  In fact the majority of people who request Catamaran training are already competent monohull sailors.

We have developed our Catamaran training packages to cater for all ability levels.  So if you’re already an experienced sailor who is considering chartering a Catamaran then our Cat familiarisation courses will suit your needs perfectly.  After one of our training courses you’ll be able to charter a catamaran anywhere in the world with total confidence.

Getting positive feedback from our trainees is a common occurrence here at Viking Mariners, and it is always gratefully received.  We work hard to constantly develop our catamaran familiarisation training courses, to ensure that when you leave us you’ll comfortable at the helm of your charter Catamaran.

This morning we received a lengthy email from one of our Catamaran ‘graduates’, Nigel Bartlett.  Nigel gave us quite a lot of detail relating to how his holiday on a chartered catamaran progressed on a technical level.  In his email Nigel also told us that the training he received from us in the UK related very directly to his experience chartering a catamaran in Greece.  Nigel was keen to express how useful the catamaran training he received from us was, from the very start of his charter.  He tells us that the attitude of the charter provider was very much ‘Here’s the keys, have a nice time, see you in a week’.

If you’re considering chartering a Catamaran, or would like to broaden your knowledge as a sailor please give us a call on 01394 421209 or get in touch via our contact page

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