3 Reasons Why More and More Young People Love Sailing

Last month month, the Royal Yachting Association (more commonly known as the RYA), published new research showing an impressive 3.5 million people tried out one of twelve core boating sports and activities in 2016. It’s the highest number reported in seven years – and a statistic that we’re very excited about here at Viking Mariners!

The annual Watersports Participation Survey also revealed that younger people aged between 16 and 34 years are getting more and more involved in boating activities including stand-up paddleboarding, small sailboating and yacht cruising. And it’s not only one-off events that are popular – there’s also a growing number of young sailing ‘enthusiasts’, with more than 1.54 million people aged between 16 and 34 participating in boating activities on a regular basis. So why is sailing having such an exciting revival?

1. It’s a memorable way to celebrate

Whether you’re organising a hen do or celebrating a big milestone birthday, a sailing day is a truly memorable way to mark special occasions. Here at Viking Mariners, we’re seeing more and more young people choose our sailing days and exclusive charters for celebrations, ensuring sure their day will be remembered forever.

2. It’s a healthier way to have fun

According to the Guardian, ‘sober is the new drunk’ for Millennials, and we can’t help but agree. Over the years we’ve seen a big boost in young people looking for a healthier way to celebrate big occasions, choosing activities such as sailing instead of bar crawls and boozy nights out. Whether you’re turning another year older or simply want a unique catch-up with friends, sailing is a much more wholesome and fun way to socialise.

3. It’s a passion that can last a lifetime

Nothing beats the feeling of finding a hobby that you truly love. Watersports and sailing in particular are increasingly popular with people aged between 16 and 34, not only for stand-alone celebrations but as an ongoing passion. So whether you come along to a taster day or sign up to our sea school, sailing is a more accessible sport than many people assume – and a great way to get out and about in the great outdoors!
Need a little more convincing? Have a read of our testimonials to find out what people really thought of their experience out on the water, or have a chat with our team who are always on hand to answer your questions.

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